Agenda item

Appointment of Mayor

To appoint a Mayor of the Borough of Charnwood for the Council year 2021/22.


In accordance with Council Procedure 9.1 of the Council’s Constitution, Council considered electing a Mayor for the 2021/22 Council year. It was proposed by Councillor Hamilton and seconded by Councillor Taylor that Councillor Baines be elected Mayor of the Borough of Charnwood for the 2021/22 Council year and until his successor becomes entitled to act as Mayor.


In proposing the motion, Councillor Hamilton referred to Councillor’s Baines’ career in sales before excelling in academia. Following a Management and Chemical Sciences Degree, Councillor Baines embarked on a short career at the Yorkshire Post before returning to academia to gain an MPhil (Management) whilst working as a market researcher part-time. Councillor Baines’ thirst for knowledge continued, leading to a PhD and Lecturing work at Middlesex University. Councillor Hamilton explained that whilst at Middlesex University, Councillor Baines founded and managed a Business Development Unit, focused on developing postgraduate qualifications for public sector managers. 


Councillor Baines’ remarkable achievements continued after moving on to Cranfield University and establishing a Master’s Degree programme in Management and the first MBA apprenticeship programme in the country.


Councillor Hamilton stated that Councillor Baines had authored more than 100 journal articles and conference papers during his academic career, and written more than 24 books, including the number one marketing textbook in the UK.


In addition to his impressive catalogue of work, Councillor Baines had worked as a marketing and research consultant for both governmental and commercial organisations and has acted as a Non-Executive Director for the Business Continuity Institute.


Councillor Hamilton stated that Councillor Baines was now a Professor of Political Marketing at the University of Leicester and also an Associate Dean for External Relations, and his wife, Dr Ning Baines was a Lecturer at De Montfort University in Leicester.


Councillor Hamilton remembered Councillor Baines’ election to Charnwood Borough Council in 2018. Since then, he had been a member of the Scrutiny Commission and Chaired the Commercialisation Scrutiny Panel. Councillor Hamilton stated that the Council was lucky to have a high energy and hard-working Mayor for the year 2021/22.


In seconding the motion, Councillor Taylor described the first time she met Councillor Baines. They had enjoyed a curry together with colleagues from the Bradgate Conservative Branch. Following this meeting, Councillor Baines considered standing as a Charnwood Borough Councillor for Anstey at the upcoming elections in 2019. During the period leading up to this, Councillor Taylor and the soon-to-be Councillor Baines often socialised together. However, the unfortunate death of Councillor John Sutherington in October 2018 meant that a By-Election was held and Councillor Baines stood for election sooner than anticipated. Councillor Taylor had supported Councillor Baines on his campaign trial and celebrated his success when elected in December 2018. Following this, the two had worked very closely together and had become close friends.


Councillor Taylor stated that Councillor Baines had supported her in areas such as report writing and that she had improved as a Councillor thanks to the help of Councillor Baines. Not only had she benefitted from Councillor Baines’ support, but the residents of Anstey had also gained a substantial amount from his strong and sensible voice. She stated that he was compassionate and eager to support residents and those less fortunate that himself.


Councillor Taylor went on to inform Council that Councillor Baines was a Cadet Sargent in the Batley Grammar School Combined Cadet Force. Amongst many others, he did the Commando Training course with the Royal Marines and a climbing course with 42 commando and at this point Councillor Baines was close to joining the military.


Councillor Baines has a passion for French culture, having been an exchange student as a teenager. Councillor Taylor described how Councillor Baines was fluent in French and had appeared in a French tragedy play as a student in Manchester. Recently, Councillor Baines shad written an article in French on Russian interference n elections for the French edition of The Conversation.


Councillor Taylor finished by stating that she anticipated that Councillor Baines’ Mayoral year would be full of surprises and gave her warmest congratulations to her co-councillor.


Following the above speeches, the Mayor put the motion to the vote and it was




that Councillor Baines be elected Mayor of the Borough of Charnwood for the 2021/22 Council year and until his successor becomes entitled to act as Mayor.


Following this, Councillor Baines signed his declaration of acceptance of office. Following a short adjournment, Councillor Baines (Mayor for 2021/22) officiated for the remainder of the meeting.