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Scrutiny Commission Work Programme

A report of the Head of Strategic Support setting out the list of forthcoming Executive Key Decisions and the Group’s Work Programme for consideration, in order to identify items for future scrutiny.


For information, further meetings of the Group are scheduled as follows:


16th November 2020

7th December 2020            

11th January 2021                                      


A report of the Head of Strategic Support was considered to enable the Commission to review its own work programme, including considering the list of forthcoming Executive Key Decisions in order to schedule items for pre-decision scrutiny (item 11 on the agenda filed with these minutes). 


The Democratic Services Manager assisted with the consideration of this item. The Commission made the following changes to the work programme:


      i.        Requested at the Scrutiny/Audit Chairs’ and Vice Chairs’ meeting - Retrospective Review of Commercial Property Purchases - To include what due diligence has taken place, how the criteria in assessing the suitability of the commercial opportunity was scored, how the process was applied -16th November 2020.


    ii.        Community Recovery Cell Update – 16th November 2020.


   iii.        Housing Planning, Regeneration and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee work programme – Five Year Housing Land Supply Update - To provide an update to the Committee on the status of the five year Housing Land Supply irrespective of whether it drops below 5.5 years – 16th November 2020.


   iv.        Neighbourhoods and Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee Work Programme – Community Safety Partnership - To review the work of the Community Safety Partnership on a six- monthly basis, to enable any issues to be identified for further scrutiny by the appropriate scrutiny body and to enable incidences of violent crime to be monitored – It was suggested that this could be included in the Community Recovery Update item to be received by the Scrutiny Commission on 16th November 2020.


    v.        Pre-decision scrutiny - Shepshed Town Centre Public Realm Improvement Project - To consider approval of preferred scheme design following public consultation, entering into legal agreements with County Highways Authority to develop final technical scheme design, entering into contracts to commission consultants to develop proposals further and acceptance of grant funding towards project from LLEP Business Rates Pool – 16th November 2020.


   vi.        Pre-decision scrutiny – Bedford Square Gateway Project - To consider approval of the final scheme design and proceed to the appointment of contractors to deliver the street works – 16th November 2020.


  vii.        Economic Recovery Cell Update – 7th December 2020.


 viii.        Pre-decision scrutiny - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-2024 - To approve/adopt a revised Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-24 – 7th December 2020.


   ix.        Pre-decision scrutiny - Discretionary Private Sector Housing Licensing Scheme Proposals - To approve proposals for a Private Sector Licensing Scheme following the consultation exercise. To approve the Communication Strategy for the promotion and implementation of the Private Sector Licensing Scheme. To authorise the resources required to implement and resource the Private Sector Licensing Scheme – 7th December 2020.


    x.        Draft Annual Scrutiny Report 2019-20 – This will now represent two years from 2019 – 2021 – 6th April 2020.


  xi.        A special meeting of the Scrutiny Commission to be scheduled for 4th January 2021 in order to consider a report to a special Cabinet on 7th January 2021 on Charnwood Local Plan Pre-Submission Consultation and Submission.




1.  that forthcoming Executive Key Decisions or decisions to be taken in private by the Executive, set out in Appendix 2 to the report, and scheduled scrutiny of those matters, be noted.


2. that the Commission’s current work programme be noted.


3. that the work programme be updated in accordance with the items highlighted.




1&3. To ensure effective and timely scrutiny, either to provide Cabinet with advice prior to it taking a decision or to ensure that the Council and external public service providers and partners were operating effectively for the benefit of the Borough.       


2. To ensure effective and timely scrutiny. 

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