Agenda and minutes

Scrutiny Commission - Monday, 3rd June, 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: the Preston Room, Woodgate Chambers, Woodgate, Loughborough. View directions

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No. Item


Declarations of Pecuniary and Personal Interests


No disclosures were made.


The following disclosures were made:


Declarations of the Party Whip


No declarations were made.


Questions under Scrutiny Committee Procedures 11.16

No questions were submitted.


No questions were submitted.


Agenda Variance


At theagreementoftheChairthefollowingagendaitemwasmovedforward: Revenues and Benefits – Future Service Delivery.



Exempt Information

It is recommended that members of the public be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of the following item on the grounds that it will involve the likely disclosureof exemptinformation asdefined inParagraph 3of Part1 ofSchedule 12A tothe LocalGovernment Act1972 andit isconsidered thatthe publicinterest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.



RESOLVEDthat membersofthe publicbeexcludedfromthe meeting duringthe considerationofthe following itemonthegroundsthatit wouldinvolvethelikely disclosureofexemptinformationasdefinedinParagraph3 ofPart1 ofSchedule

12Ato theLocalGovernmentAct 1972andit isconsideredthatthepublic

interestinmaintainingtheexemptionoutweighsthepublicinterestin disclosing theinformation.


At this point in the meeting the sound recording was switched off.



Revenues and Benefits - Future Service Delivery

The following item has been identified for pre-decision scrutiny from the Cabinet agenda for 6th June 2019:




An exempt report of the Head of Customer Experience to decide the future delivery option for the Revenues and Benefits Service from February 2020 will be considered in order to make recommendations to the Cabinet as appropriate.


An exemptreport of theHeadofCustomer Experiencewasconsideredregardingthe future of the Revenues and Benefits Service delivery from February 2020(item12on the agendafiledwith theseminutes).


The Lead Member for Finance and Property Services and the Strategic Director for Corporate Servicesattendedthemeeting toassistwith consideration of theitem.


AsummaryoftheGroup’sdiscussiononthismatteris providedin theexempt minute(Scrutiny Commission 1E 2019/20).


RESOLVEDthat theCabinetbeinformedthat theCommission supportsthe recommendations as set out in the report of the Head of Customer Experience.




The Commission, having carefully considered and asked questions on the report felt Cabinet should approve the recommendations set out in the report.




Public Re-admitted


RESOLVEDthat membersofthe publicbere-admittedtothemeeting astherest of theitems were notexempt.


At this point the sound recording resumed.



New Scrutiny Committee Structure - Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 99 KB

A report of the Head of Strategic Support outlining the Commission’s terms of reference.


A report of theHead of Strategic Supportwasconsideredregardingthe remit and terms of reference for the new Committee(item5on the agendafiledwith theseminutes).


TheDemocratic Services Manager attendedthemeeting toassistwith consideration of theitem and gave the following responses to issues raised:


(i)            The scrutiny of the Council’s budget would be undertaken by the Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee. It was agreed that the committee would decide on how to delegate the work of the budget scrutiny process, whether a panel would be appointed or the work would be completed by the committee members.

(ii)          The Commission agreed that the focus of the Committee’s work should be to look at improvements and to improve outcomes.



RESOLVEDthat thereport be noted by the committee.




To acknowledge the committee’s consideration of the subject.


Topics for Scrutiny in the 2019/20 Council Year

A verbal discussion session on ideas for scrutiny for the future year.



There was a verbal discussion by the committee on the topics they felt should be the focus in 2019/20.


The following topics were submitted for consideration:


·         Crime and Anti-social behaviour in the borough– focusing on car crime and theft, burglaries, drug crime, youth crime and anti-social behaviour problems and working with youth services

·         Waste services and waste management – looking at how to improve recycling in the Charnwood area with the help of partner organisations

·         Activities associated with generating commercial income

·         Parking enforcement enhancement

·         Childhood obesity and how the Council can work with leisure and sports services to tackle the issue

·         Mental Health issues

·         Digitalisation and transformation of the Council’s services

·         Supporting the enterprise zones and science park

·         A regular contract review to check progress with the Council’s housing capital programme contract

·         A review of the Children’s centres and their implications





1. that following the meeting the Democratic Services Officer provide further information to the Commission on the topics discussed. This will be in relation to any training sessions or upcoming reports that may assist the Commission in selecting their topics.


3. that a selection of topics be agreed by the Commission before the next meeting and those topics be brought to the next Scrutiny Commission meeting to be discussed further





1.    To assist the Commission with prioritising their selection of topics.

2.    To enable the Commission to develop their topic ideas into Panel suggestions.





Scrutiny Work Programme pdf icon PDF 72 KB

A report of the Head of Strategic Support enabling the Commission to review and agree the scrutiny work programme.

Additional documents:


A report of the Head of Strategic Support was considered to agree the Scrutiny Work Programme for the committees including any amendments to the current work programme.


The committee also considered a scrutiny panel request to establish a panel to scrutinise the delivery of affordable housing, proposed by a former Councillor. It was decided not to take the panel forward.


RESOLVED that the Scrutiny Work Programme be updated with the decisions taken at this meeting.




To ensure that the information contained in the Work Programme is up to date.





Scrutiny Commission Work Programme pdf icon PDF 50 KB

A report of the Head of Strategic Support setting out the list of forthcoming Executive Key Decisions and the Commission’s work programme for consideration, in order to identify items for future scrutiny.

Additional documents:


A report of the Head of Strategic Support was considered, to enable the Commission to consider its work programme and forthcoming Key Decisions and decisions to be taken in private by the Cabinet in order to schedule items for pre-decision scrutiny (item 8 on the agenda filed with these minutes).



RESOLVED that the Group’s current work programme be noted and updated following this meeting, in accordance with the decisions taken during consideration of this item and at this meeting and any items of pre-decision scrutiny that require changing due to their reprogramming by the Cabinet.




To ensure effective and timely scrutiny, either to provide Cabinet with advice prior to it taking a decision or to ensure that the Council and external public service providers and partners were operating effectively for the benefit of the Borough.



Pre-decision Scrutiny of any Specific Financial Matters to be Considered by Cabinet

There are no items of this nature on the Cabinet agenda for the Commission to consider.


There were no items of this nature on the Cabinet agenda for the Commission to consider.


Pre-decision Scrutiny - Cabinet Response

As this is the Commission’s first meeting it has not yet undertaken any pre-decision scrutiny.


As this was the first meeting of the Scrutiny Commission it had not yet undertaken any pre-decision scrutiny and there were no responses from the Cabinet to report.